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What’s your skin age?

Do you think your skin looks better or worse than that of others your age? Do you worry about what your skin will look like five or ten years from now? In our Indianapolis/Carmel skin care and laser center, PhasesTM, we have a device that allows us to see the damage under your skin’s surface that is not yet visible to you.  

VISIA Computer

A VISIA Complexion Analysis is a multi-spectrum image, which gives us a measurement of six different skin factors: wrinkles, spots, pores, unevenness (color variations),  prophyrins (bacteria) and UV spots. After the imaging, we can give you a comparison of your complexion to that of other patients of your age and ethnicity.  What does that show you? It shows you your skin age, which may be younger or older than your chronological age. Most importantly, VISIA enables our aestheticians to offer you the best treatments and products for your skin.  Call Phases at 317-848-8101 to schedule your VISIA Complexion Analysis. –Dr. Jan Turkle

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