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Plastic Surgery for Men Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana

Plastic surgery for men in Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana is definitely on the upswing as are non-surgical procedures for men. In the past, our Indianapolis plastic surgery patients have primarily been females. However, over the past 15 years, the incidence of plastic surgery for men in Indianapolis and Indiana has greatly increased. Men are now seeking to rejuvenate the appearance of their face and body as well.

Dr. Turkle and Dr. Hrisomalos feel it is important to adjust their technique while performing cosmetic surgery for men. Although plastic surgery on men is performed in a similar fashion to plastic surgery on women, minor variations in technique are required in order to preserve a stronger and more masculine look. Additionally, differences in skin, fat distribution, musculature and facial hair distribution must all be taken into account when performing plastic surgery on men.

Plastic surgery for men can include surgery on the body or face. Non-surgical procedures are also available. Learn more about our available procedures by clicking here to contact our Indianapolis/Carmel office by using our online form or calling us at 317-848-0001.


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