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Mini-Facelift Indianapolis Carmel Indiana

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Mini-Facelift Indianapolis Carmel Indiana

Dr. Janet Turkleand Dr. Emily Hrisomalos perform mini-facelifts in Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana and have beautiful results!

Many people that are interested in facial cosmetic surgery have similar concerns. They feel there has been a loss of skin elasticity and firmness, and that they have wrinkles and sagging skin. These signs of aging make them appear to be tired or sad even when they feel lively and energetic and the mini facelift procedure addresses these concerns.

Many times our mini-face lift patients combine other facial cosmetic procedures like eyelid lift, forehead lift, rhinoplasty or chin augmentation at the same time as a mini facelift. A mini face lift does not improve skin texture, although it can be done in conjunction with procedures that do improve texture, such as laser or chemical skin peels. Deep laser resurfacing procedures are performed by the doctor and less invasive laser procedures are performed by our licensed medical aestheticians.

Mini-Facelift & Full Facelift Video

The Mini-Face Lift Procedure

The mini-face lift surgery procedure at our Indianapolis practice will vary from patient to patient depending upon your specific concerns and the results you would like to get from the procedure. After a consultation we will let you know the best way for you to reach your goals.

Following mini face lift surgery at our Indianapolis practice, dressings are applied to decrease bruising and swelling. Pain medication is available for those who desire it. Vigorous activity should be avoided for at least two weeks following mini-face lift. Facial features can remain somewhat swollen for several weeks after surgery and will gradually return to normal.

Before and After Photos of Mini-Facelifts

Click to see before and after photos of mini facelifts and more.

Approximate Price for a Mini-Face Lift:

Mini Face lift Cost: $6900-$7600

Click here to contact Turkle & Associates Plastic Surgery using our online quick-contact form to find out if you are a good candidate for mini-face lift at our Indianapolis practice. Or feel free to call us at 317-848-0001.

*Fees are approximate only and subject to physical examination and consultation. We do try to keep the fees on our website up to date, however be advised fees are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to inquire about any price changes.

Turkle & Associates Plastic Surgerys’ video content is for informational and educational purposes only. Viewing of these videos should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or a treatment recommendation. As with any health concern, always seek a consultation regarding a medical condition. Any questions concerning the content of these videos may be directed to Turkle & Associates Plastic Surgery at drturkle@turklemd.com or 317-848-0001.

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