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Lip Enhancement with Injections Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana

Lip Filler Injection

Lip Enhancement with Filler Injection Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana

If you are interested in lip enhancement with filler injections in Indianapolis or Carmel, Dr. Janet K. Turkle, Dr. Emily Hrisomalos; and their staff have excellent results. We have men and women of all ages request non-surgical lip enhancement or lip augmentation to create fuller, plumper and more sensuous lips. Lip enhancement can help those who have lost lip volume with aging or who have uneven lips that need to be re-shaped. Additionally, we have found that some people have naturally thin lips and would like to have them made larger and others with normal size lips who just would like the size enhanced.

At Turkle & Associates Plastic Surgery we can perform non-surgical filler injections to enhance your lips.

Information about the lip fillers that we use click here.

Before and After Photos of Lip Fillers

Click to see before and after photos of lip plumping with fillers and more.

If you would like to learn more about fat transfer, Restylane, Collagen or Juvederm fillers for the lips or surgical lip enhancement in Indianapolis for lip augmentation, please contact Turkle & Associates Plastic Surgery by email or call our practice at 317-848-0001 today.

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