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Chin Augmentation Surgery Indianapolis

Dr. Janet K. Turkle and Dr. Emily Hrisomalos perform chin augmentation surgery with chin implants in Indianapolis and Carmel and have beautiful results! They have found that many people are born with a chin that is retrusive or does not project as much as they would like for it to. Chin implant surgery can improve this problem and often makes a dramatic difference in a person’s appearance.

The implant provides projection which creates a stronger and more aesthetically pleasing profile. Chin surgery is often combined with cosmetic surgery of the nose to improve the entire facial profile.


The Chin Augmentation Surgery

The first step in chin augmentation is to make a small incision under the chin. Then the chin implant is placed thru this small incision. This incision is then sutured which completes the surgery.

The type of implant will be discussed between you and the doctor. She will examine you, and discuss your goals to determine what will be best for you.

After Chin Augmentation Surgery

After chin implant surgery, you will have some swelling and bruising which will eventually resolve. The doctor will provide you with other instructions on how to care for the area.

Before and After Photos of Chin Augmentations

Click to see before and after photos of chin augmentations and more.

Approximate price for chin implant surgery:

Approximate Chin Implant Surgery Cost: $2900-$3500 This price includes the surgeon’s fee, implant, facility fee, anesthesia and post-operative visits.*

Feel free to call us at 317-848-0001 for more information or an appointment or click here to contact Turkle & Associates Plastic Surgery to contact us using our quick contact email form and find out if you are a good candidate for chin augmentation or mentoplasty at our Indianapolis practice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chin Implant, Chin Augmentation and Mentoplasty

  1. How much does chin implant surgery cost?
    Approx. $2900-$3500*
  2. Where is the incision for a chin implant?
    For a chin implant, a small incision to create the pocket is placed in the lower chin crease.
  3. How long would I be off work after chin implant surgery?
    Most people could be at work in a week. Many are back sooner. It depends on the patient.
  4. How long before I could exercise or swim after chin implant surgery?
    You can swim in three weeks or when your wound is completely healed.
    You can start walking immediately.
    You can begin cardio in two weeks.
  5. What type of chin implants do you use?
    Solid silicone.
  6. How many of the chin implant surgeries has Dr. Turkle done?

*Fees are approximate only and subject to physical examination and consultation. We do try to keep the fees on our website up to date, however be advised fees are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to inquire about any price changes.

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