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Nail Problems Indianapolis Carmel, IN

Patients who want advice and/or treatment for nail problems are seen by Turkle & Associates.

Nail Problems

Most nail problems can be completely cured if caught and treated early. Please click the links below for more information about common nail problems:

If you don’t see your fingernail or toenail problem listed, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 317-848-0001 or click here for our online quick-contact email form. We’ll be happy to help!

Does My Nail Problems Require Treatment?

Most minor nail injuries heal slowly on their own time. More serious disorder might likely require treatment from a dermatologist.

White spots on the nails are very common and may recur. They usually are small, semi-circular spots and result from injury to the base of the nail. They are not a cause of concern and will eventually grow out. Sometimes these injuries are a result of poor fitting shoes or athletic activity.

Symptoms that could signal significant nail problems include color or shape changes, swelling of the skin around the nails, and pain. Additionally, the persistence of white lines or ridges in the nail should be reported to a dermatologist.

What Are Nails?

Nails are produced by living skin cells in the fingers and toes. They are composed primarily of keratin, a hardened protein also found in the skin and hair. The nail itself consists of several different parts, including:

  • Nail Plate: The visible part of the nail on fingers and toes.
  • Nail Bed: The skin beneath the nail plate.
  • Matrix: The area under the cuticle, the hidden part of the nail unit where growth takes place.
  • Lunula: This part of the matrix and is whitish, half-moon shape at the base of the nail, usually most pronounced on the thumb.
  • Cuticle: Tissue that overlaps the plate and rims the base of the nail.
  • Nail Folds: The folds of skin that frame and support the nail on the three sides.

Due to their exposed location, nails may take significant abuse. Nail problems comprise about 10 percent of all skin conditions.

Nail Care

To prevent nail problems, follow these nail care tips:

  • Avoid nail biting – nail biting not only ruins the appearance of nails, but it also facilitates transfer of infectious organisms between the mouth and the fingers.
  • Keep nails dry and clean – this helps keep bacteria and other infectious organisms from collecting under the nail.
  • Thick nails – if toenails are thick and difficult to cut, soak them in warm salt water (one teaspoon of salt to a pint of water) for five to ten minutes and apply a 10 percent urea cream (over the counter). Trim as usual.
  • Filing & cutting nails – nails should be cut straight across and rounded slightly at the tip for maximum strength. Use sharp nail scissors or clippers. Filing the nails into points will weaken them. Use a fine textured file to keep nails shaped and free of snags.
  • Cuticle care – Avoid pushing back on cuticles. This may lead to infection.
  • Ingrown nails – do not cut away ingrown toenails yourself, especially if they are sore or infected. Seek treatment from a dermatologist.
  • Vitamins – take a Biotin supplement. 5,000 mcg daily

Wearing tight shoes can also cause toenail problems, so make sure your shoes are not too tight.

Always report any nail irregularities to your dermatologist. Sometimes nail changes, swelling, or pain indicate a serious problem.

Consultations for Nail Problems

Generally, during your consultation, we will take a complete medical history. He will talk to you about your concerns and symptoms and examine your nails. Once he diagnoses your nail problem, he will recommend the best treatment for you.

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