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Vascular birthmarks like hemangiomas are commonly treated by Turkle & Associates.

We invite you to continue reading for frequently asked questions and more information about hemangiomas and how we can help.

What is a Hemangioma?

Hemangiomas are common vascular birthmarks. They are made up of blood vessels bunched together in the skin. They can be flat or raised, pink, red or bluish discolorations.

What Causes Hemangiomas?

The exact causes are unknown. Most hemangiomas are not inherited, nor are they caused by anything that happens to the mother during pregnancy.

What Are the Treatments or Procedures for Hemangiomas?

Hemangioma treatments and procedures include:

  • Excel V Laser Treatment – Lasers can be used to both prevent growth of hemangiomas and remove hemangiomas. Hemangiomas with sores that will not heal can also be treated with lasers. Read more about our Excel V Laser here.
  • Cryotherapy – Cryotherapy is freezing the hemangioma.
  • Shaving – Shaving involves using an instrument to gently shave off the hemangioma.
  • Electrodessication – Electrodessication is burning the hemangioma.

After an examination, we will advise the best hemangioma treatment for you.

More About Hemangiomas

The term “hemangioma” is used to describe many different kinds of blood vessel growths. Most dermatologists prefer to use hemangioma to refer to a common type of vascular birthmark. These marks do not usually appear immediately after birth, but become visible within the first few weeks of life. Hemangiomas are usually divided into two types: strawberry hemangiomas, which are slightly raised and bright red, and cavernous hemangiomas, which have a blue color.

Usually, a person will have only one hemangioma, but sometimes there will be two or three. Most never get bigger than two or three inches in diameter, but some may be larger. Many will completely go away, but often, a faint mark is left. It’s impossible to know how big any hemangioma will grow, or if it will completely disappear.

What Are the Complications of Hemangiomas?

Occasionally, a hemangioma that’s growing or shrinking rapidly can form an open sore or ulcer. These sores can be painful, and can become infected. It’s very important to see your dermatologist and keep this sore clean and covered with antibiotic ointment and/or a dressing.

A hemangioma located over the female genitals or rectum, or near an eye, the nose or mouth, can cause special problems. These hemangiomas should be watched closely by your dermatologist who will decide if further treatment is necessary.

People are often concerned that a hemangioma will bleed. These birthmarks do look as if they could bleed easily. However, this usually isn’t a problem and bleeding usually occurs only after injury. If the hemangioma starts to bleed, it should be treated like any other injury–clean the area with soap and water or hydrogen peroxide and apply a gauze bandage. Apply firm, but not tight, pressure on the area for five to ten minutes. If the bleeding has not stopped, call your doctor.

A hemangioma will rarely grow suddenly over one or two days. If this occurs, it’s important to call your dermatologist. Also, if a bruise begins to develop, your dermatologist should be notified.

Do You Take Insurance For Hemangioma Treatments?

We take insurance, however, we suggest you contact your plan administrator to determine if we participate with your insurance plan and which treatments they cover for for hemangiomas.

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