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Dermatofibroma Treatment in Indianapolis and Carmel IN

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What Is a Dermatofibroma?

A dermatofibroma is a bump or growth on the skin found in males and females of any age. You may also hear them called histiocytomas.

What Causes Dermatofibromas?

Dermatofibromas are a skin reaction to a minor injury, such a bug bite, shaving injury or a splinter.

What Does a Dermatofibroma Look and Feel Like?

A dermatofibroma is a round, brownish to red-purple bump or growth commonly found on the legs. It can occur anywhere, but seems to favor exposed areas.

Dermatofibromas feel like hard lumps under the skin. They are iceberg-like in that there is more under the skin than seen on the surface. They often start out red, and sometimes itch. They usually turn brown later.

What Is the Treatment for Dermatofibromas?

Generally, no treatment is recommended for dermatofibromas since surgical removal can leave a scar that is worse than the dermatofibroma.

When dermatofibromas get in the way of shaving or if they are in an area where they become irritated by clothing, they can be treated.

In these cases surgical “shaving” of the top, “punching” out the center and maybe freezing with liquid nitrogen can be done. These treatments only destroy the upper part of the growth, and after a few years it may again become noticeable. If this happens, the treatment could be repeated again if desired.

How Are Dermatofibromas Diagnosed?

Generally, the doctor can look at the bump and determine if it is a dermatofibroma.

If the diagnosis is uncertain, however, he may do a biopsy. A biopsy involves removing a small portion of the bump and sending it to a lab where it will be looked at under a microscope.

If you have a growth thought to be a dermatofibroma that grows or bleeds, or if you are concerned that it may be a skin cancer, then the growth should be biopsied.

Can Dermatofibromas Turn Into Cancer?

No. Dermatofibromas are harmless and never turn cancerous. If the doctor is unsure whether or not the growth is a dermatofibroma, he may order a biopsy.

Do You Take Insurance For Dermatofibroma Treatment?

Yes, we do take insurance for dermatofibroma treatment. We suggest you contact your plan administrator to determine if we participate with your insurance plan.

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