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Athlete’s foot is a skin condition of the feet commonly seen and treated by Turkle & Associates.

We invite you to continue reading for frequently asked questions and more information about athlete’s foot and the treatment to help.

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is an infection that occurs on the skin of the feet, and sometimes the toenails, which is caused by a fungus. The medical term for athlete’s foot is tinea pedis.

What Causes Athlete’s Foot?

First, the fungus that causes athlete’s foot must be present. A common athlete’s foot fungus is called ringworm. Additionally, conditions have to be just right for you to get an athlete’s foot infection.

The fungi that cause the condition grow best in moist, damp places. So, sweaty feet, not drying your feet well after swimming or bathing, tight shoes and socks, and a warm climate all contribute to the development of athlete’s foot.

Simply put, moisture, sweating and lack of proper ventilation of the feet are the perfect setting for the fungus of athlete’s foot to grow.

Usually, athlete’s foot does not occur among people who go barefoot.

What Does Athlete’s Foot Look & Feel Like?

Athlete’s foot may affect different people in different ways and symptoms can vary.

In some, the skin between the toes (especially the last two toes) peels, cracks and scales. In others, there is redness, scaling and even blisters on the soles and along the sides of the feet.

These skin changes may be accompanied by itching and you may feel a burning or stinging sensation on the skin in the affected areas. There may also be a bad smell.

Toenail infections can also occur and can be very stubborn to treat. Toenail infections result in scaling, crumbling and thickening of the nails and even nail loss.

Athlete’s Foot Treatment

Once the fungus is diagnosed, the athlete’s foot treatment outlined by the doctor should begin immediately.

For simple cases, anti-fungal creams may be prescribed. The creams can relieve the symptoms fairly quickly.

In more severe cases, your dermatologist may prescribe foot soaks before applying antifungal creams. If your athlete’s foot is stubborn, antifungal pills may be prescribed.

It’s important to continue the use of your prescribed anti-fungal creams and to take all medication. While your skin may look better, the infection can remain for some time afterwards and could recur.

During your appointment, the doctor will let you know the best athlete’s foot treatment for you.

Who Gets Athlete’s Foot?

It is not clear why some people develop athlete’s foot and others don’t.

Some people may even have the athlete’s foot fungus on their skin, but unless the conditions are just right, athlete’s foot will not develop.

How Can I Prevent Athlete’s Foot?

For prevention of athlete’s foot, you need to follow some simple rules:

  • Wash your feet daily.
  • Dry your feet thoroughly, especially in between your toes.
  • Avoid tight footwear, especially in the summer. Sandals are the best warm weather footwear.
  • Wear cotton socks and change them daily or more frequently if they become damp.
  • Don’t wear socks made of synthetic materials.
  • If possible, go barefoot at home.
  • Dust an anti-fungal powder into your shoes in the summertime.

Is Athlete’s Foot Contagious?

No, although it is commonly believed that athlete’s foot is highly contagious — that you can easily catch it from walking barefoot in the locker room, it is not true.

Experiments to infect healthy skin with athlete’s foot have failed and often one family member has it without infecting others living in the same house.

Do You Take Insurance For Athlete’s Foot?

Yes, we do take insurance for patients with athlete’s foot. We suggest you contact your plan administrator to determine if we participate with your insurance plan.

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