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Nipple/Areola Surgery Indianapolis Carmel Indiana

Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

If you are interested in having inverted nipple reconstruction surgery in Indianapolis or Carmel, Dr. Janet Turkle can help. Nipple reconstruction surgery can be desired for one of several reasons. These include:

  • To reconstruct the nipple after breast reconstruction.
  • For those who feel their nipples are misshapen
  • For those who feel their nipples are too large or small
  • To correct inverted nipples.

People who are interested in surgery to correct inverted nipples are usually self conscious about the problem. Inverted nipples are usually caused by a shortened milk duct that goes from the nipple to the chest wall. The surgery results in a nipple that will project out from the breast. Naturally, many women are concerned about breastfeeding after the surgery. This will depend upon the extent of the surgery needed to correct the inversion and will be discussed after the doctor examines you and determines the reason for the inversion.

With correction of inverted nipples and other nipple reconstruction surgery, we will work with you to achieve the size nipples that you desire.

Generally we perform correction of nipple inversion surgery in the office. Approximate price for correction of inverted nipples in Indianapolis:

Approximate Inverted Nipple Surgery Cost: $2350 for both nipples. This includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, surgical supplies, and your doctor visits after surgery.*

Areola Reduction Surgery

Some people feel they would like to have smaller areola which is the darker skin that surrounds the nipple. Reduction of the areola can either be performed by itself or at the time of other breast surgery.

We will work with you to achieve the size areola that you desire.

Approximate Areola Reduction Surgery Cost: $2650 for both areola. This includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, surgical supplies, and your doctor visits after surgery.*

Nipple Tattooing

Nipple tattooing is most commonly performed for those who are undergoing breast reconstruction surgery, however, some people who just want their nipples and areola darker may request this procedure. Our aestheticians have been trained in medical tattooing and can help you to achieve the look you desire. Pricing will be given at the time of your consultation.

Before and After Photos of Nipple Areola Surgery and Nipple Areola Tattooing

Click to see before and after photos of nipple areola surgery and nipple areola tattooing and more.

Contact Turkle & Associates to find out if you are a good candidate for nipple surgery or areola surgery or nipple tattooing at our Indianapolis practice.

*Fees are approximate only and subject to physical examination and consultation. We do try to keep the fees on our website up to date, however be advised fees are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to inquire about any price changes.

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