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Treatment of Tuberous Breasts and Asymmetrical Breasts

If you are considering surgery to correct uneven asymmetric or tubular breasts in Indianapolis or Carmel Indiana, plastic surgeon Dr. Janet K. Turkle can help. Many women have tuberous (also known as the “snoopy breast or deformity”) or asymmetrical breasts, but some are more tuberous or asymmetric than others. Some women are embarrassed by or self conscious about this problem, however we have found that we can help a great deal.

If you want to match the smaller breast to the larger breast, we put an implant in the smaller breast. If you want the larger breast enlarged as well, we handle that by either using different size implants or filling one with more saline than the other. If you want to match the larger breast to the smaller breast, we do a reduction on the larger breast.

As the procedures to correct asymmetric or tubular breasts will vary depending upon your needs and goals, pricing will have to be given after a consultation.

Before and After Photos of Surgery for Tuberous and Asymmetrical Breasts

Click to see before and after photos of surgery for tuberous and asymmetrical breasts and more.


Contact Turkle & Associates Plastic Surgery and Dermatology to find out if you are a good candidate for treatment of tuberous breasts or assymetrical breasts at our Indianapolis practice.

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