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New Jersey Women Receive Bathtub Caulk Injections from Unlicensed Provider

You have probably heard or read recent news stories about six New Jersey women who received buttocks enhancement injections from “unlicensed providers”. It seems the providers, who have not been identified, injected a substance into the women that is believed by authorities to be diluted silicone bathtub caulk. The women were subsequently hospitalized, had surgery to remove the silicone and were given antibiotics.

This story points out the importance of knowing who is providing any plastic surgery procedure and their qualifications. Unfortunately there are disreputable people who try to prey upon patients all over the country. Being an informed consumer can help guard you against falling victim to them. Beware of prices that seem to be too good to be true. Do your homework. Is the provider a board-certified plastic surgeon or a licensed medical provider? Is he or she well established in your geographic area? If a physician, does he or she have privileges at one or more local hospitals?  Ask questions and check out the provider. If you don’t receive answers you are comfortable with consider scheduling a consultation with a surgeon whose credentials and reputation you can verify. 

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