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Hair Restoration for Men and Women

Hair loss is very common and occurs in women as well as in men. About half of all men and 40 percent of women have some hair loss by age fifty. Hair loss is primarily hereditary but can also be caused by stress, poor nutrition, hormonal changes, some medications and other factors. Male hair loss usually begins with a receding hairline and thinning at the crown and progresses over his lifetime. Female hair loss most often is a thinning of the hair across the top of the scalp.

The most effective treatment for hair loss and baldness is hair transplantation. Unfortunately, until recently the results of a hair transplant were often not very aesthetically pleasing. The traditional technique involved a long incision made across the back of the scalp to remove a strip of skin containing hair follicles. The result was a wound that had to be stitched or stapled and left a permanent scar on the back of the head, which meant the patient could not have a short hair style after transplant. The follicles removed from that strip of skin were then placed into the area of thinning hair, often giving an appearance of “plugged” rows. Normal downtime with this procedure was about two weeks.

In our practice, we have recently introduced a micro follicular unit extraction method assisted by the NeoGraft system. This approach is revolutionary compared to the traditional approach. When done well, NeoGraft results in a very natural “non-plugged” look and an increase in the thickness and fullness of the hair pattern. The NeoGraft device automates the harvest of small follicles from the back of the scalp, avoiding the aesthetically displeasing and often painful “back of the head” scar. The use of these hair grafts in the NeoGraft technique allows hair graft insertion at the frontal hairline and top of the scalp, avoiding using hair plug clumps. This technique, combined with the artistic and technical skills of a board certified plastic surgeon, offers the best possible outcome.

The NeoGraft procedure is performed in our office on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia. Patients can comfortably relax, answer email, listen to music or nap during the procedure, which takes several hours. There are no scalpels, no sutures or staples and the patient can resume most activities almost immediately.

Age is not a barrier to hair transplantation although the sooner treatment is begun the better. You should not wait until hair loss is extensive before beginning hair restoration. The ideal candidate should have dense growing hair at the back of the head and have realistic expectations of the results. Color, curl and coarseness can affect the density of transplanted hair. NeoGraft can sometimes be used to improve the appearance of older transplants that used traditional techniques.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant/Restoration Price:

   • Up to 300 grafts: $11 per graft
   • 300 to 750 grafts: $10 per graft
   • 750 to 1000 grafts: $9 per graft
   • 1000 to 1500 grafts $8 per graft
   • 1500 to 2000 grafts $7 per graft

Please inquire if more than 2000 grafts are needed

*Fees are approximate only and subject to physical examination and consultation. We do try to keep the fees on our website up to date, however be advised fees are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to inquire about any price changes.

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