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It’s Great to Exfoliate!

As we age, skin tends to be drier and the dead cells cling to the surface, giving the skin a rougher texture. When we shed those dead cells with a scrub or peel, it enhances the functioning of the skin. The water retaining cells come to the surface and allow the active ingredients in one’s skin care – like retinoids and anti-oxidants – to penetrate better. Vibradermabrasion is a way to remove approximately 90% of the stratum corneum (or the outer layer of dead skin cells).  This is a very gentle technique available at Phases, that employs a very rapid vibration to remove the top layer of dead skin cells.  This will remove more of the dry outer layer in one treatment than we can remove with daily use of scrubs at home and does it with much less irritation.  It is recommended to do a Vibraderm treatment every two to three weeks for a series of 3 to 4 treatments and then to maintain the skin with treatments every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the benefit.  The treatment enhances cell turnover, stimulates collagen production and stimulates blood flow to the surface.

Some over-the-counter products work well to exfoliate; however I would caution you not to over-do it. Most people we see who use OTC exfoliators use them to aggressively and too frequently, doing more damage than good.

Alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids will also help with exfoliation.  Both of the products can help to unclog pores, improve texture, smooth skin and give the skin a plumper, firmer appearance.  Alpha hydroxy acids are effective in concentrations in at least 5-8% at a pH of 3-4 and the Beta hydroxy acids need a concentration of 1-2% at a pH of 3.

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