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Plastic surgeon Janet K. Turkle MD has beautiful results. If you want the kind of results that are only possible after years of training, click here to contact our plastic surgery office in Indianapolis today.

Plastic surgeon Janet K. Turkle performs a wide range of procedures at their Indianapolis practice. Learn more about our plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, BOTOX® Cosmetic, wrinkle reduction, and even more non-surgical and cosmetic surgery procedures. If you are looking for plastic surgery clinics or doctors in Indianapolis, Indiana, we invite you review the information on our website and look over our before and after pictures.

Wondering if you are you a good candidate for plastic surgery or non-surgical rejuvenation procedures? Feel free to call us at 317-848-0001 or click here to contact us online if you have more questions or would like to schedule a consultation. Once you make this contact with plastic surgeon Janet K. Turkle in Indianapolis, we will begin your initial screening for the procedure that interests you.

Our plastic surgery staff at our Indianapolis office will contact you by email or phone to give you more information – just let us know which way you prefer to be contacted.

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Turkle & Associates is proud to be the only practice in Central Indiana that is a Black Diamond Level BOTOX® Cosmetic provider. This designation is provided as recognition of our knowledge and vast experience in providing BOTOX® Cosmetic. It is also a certification that we are in the top one half of one percent of all physician practices in the United States that administer BOTOX Cosmetic.

It is our belief that it is very important to evaluate the anatomy and features of each patient’s face prior to giving BOTOX® Cosmetic injections. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to BOTOX® Cosmetic and experience counts!

If you would like to go ahead and schedule a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, or if you have further questions, please call 317-848-0001 today or contact us by email here, for more information. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about BOTOX® Cosmetic, or any other treatment or procedure.

Hand Rejuvenation Now Available in Indianapolis!

Dr. Janet Turkle is pleased to provide the latest in hand rejuvenation treatments—the hand lift with Radiesse dermal fillers! This treatment is a great solution to those who are concerned about their aging hands.

We find that many patients are very conscious of the aging process and focus on how it affects their face and neck. However, our hands can give a clue to our age as well. Oftentimes aging hands:

  • Have thinner skin
  • Have protruding veins
  • Lose muscle and fat allowing the bones and joints to be seen

Each of these is a tell-tale sign of age. Also, if you have had facial plastic surgery or a non-surgical rejuvenation procedure on your face and/or neck—your hands might not match your new youthful appearance!

Our solution to this is the Radiesse hand lift which involves simple injections of a dermal filler under the surface of the skin of the hand. This filler subtly plumps the hand, restoring volume and providing a smooth contour to the hand’s surface.

Before and after hand rejuvenation

View more before and after photos of hand rejuvenation using fillers here.

As a general rule, we use one to two syringe of Radiesse per hand. The price for Radiesse is $650.00 per 1.5 cc syringe.*

Radiesse has been FDA approved for correction of the nasolabial folds which are wrinkles around the nose and mouth. It is used off-label for hand rejuvenation, as well as chin and cheek contouring.

Additionally, if brown age spots on your hands are a concern, our aestheticians, at our skin and laser center, Phases, have products and procedures that will complete the transformation of your hands. Our patients that have had hand rejuvenation love the results! For more information about our hand rejuvenation procedures, please call our office at 317-848-0001 or contact us by email here.

Latisse™ – Grow Your Eyelashes Longer, Fuller & Darker

latisse-smallerFinally available in Indianapolis! Latisse™, by the makers of BOTOX® Cosmetic, is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA to grow your own eyelashes longer, fuller and darker.

We are expecting a huge demand for this lash conditioner so get yours now. If your lashes are sparse, Latisse™ will make a difference!

Find out more about the remarkable LATISSE for Lashes by clicking here to go to our LATISSE page or click here to email us for more information. If you are ready to buy LATISSE, click here to go to order LATISSE for LASHES at our online store. You can also feel free to call Phases Skin and Laser Center at 317-848-8101 to purchase by phone or if you have questions about this amazing product.

Laser Hair Removal Now Available in Indianapolis for Dark Skin Tones

In the past, laser hair removal was not available to those with darker skin tones (African-American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, to name a few), or even to people who have sun tans. Turkle & Associates in Indianapolis now has the CoolGlide Laser which can be used on darker or tanned skin year-round).

Please click here for an interview about CoolGlide for laser hair removal with Dr. Turkle by Stacia Matthews of the IndyChannel 6:

Click here for more information about laser hair removal in Indianapolis , click here to contact us using our online quick contact form, or call 317-848-8101.

Silicone Implants Now Available for Breast Augmentation Indianapolis!

Turkle & Associates is pleased to announce that they will be able to provide silicone gel breast implants for breast augmentation at our plastic surgery center in Indpls and Carmel. The silicone implants were recently approved by the FDA following studies for safety.

Dr. Turkle is a plastic surgeon in Indianapolis who was involved in the clinical trials for the silicone gel implants and provided extensive data to the researchers.

The silicone implants will be available for breast enhancements such as breast augmentation, breast lift with augmentation and breast reconstruction. Turkle & Associates will also continue to offer saline breast implants as well as cohesive gel breast implants.

Click here for more information and details of price and financing the breast augmentation procedure.

Call 317-848-0001 or contact Janet Turkle, MD by email for information on breast augmentation using silicone gel in Indianapolis.

Phases Skin Care & Laser Center

Our aestheticians at Phases Skin and Laser Center in Indianapolis provide the highest quality skin care treatments. Unlike other Indianapolis spas or day spas, the anti aging skincare treatments can be performed using very high level active ingredients and equipment only allowed to be used under the supervision of a doctor.

The atmosphere at Phases inspires calm and is warm and relaxing, similar to other Indy spas. Whether choosing Phases for the best laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, waxing, facials, chemical peels, laser treatments and more Indianapolis, non-surgical treatments can relax, refresh and rejuvenate your face, body and soul!

Additionally, Dr. Turkle, and the staff of Phases Skin and Laser Center are strong believers in using quality skin care products at home. We have seen dramatic changes in skin quality just by improvement of home skin care programs. Phases carries anti-aging and skin treatment products by Skinprint, SkinMedica, Latisse, ColorScience and more which can be purchased in our online store or at our office locations.

Click here for a complete listing of the skin and other problems we treat non-surgically and/or here for the non-surgical treatments we perform.

To schedule an appointment or for more information about Indy medical skin care treatments and products, please call 848-8101 or click here to email us.

Latest Laser Resurfacing Treatments Now Available in Indianapolis & Carmel, IN

We are proud to have the largest selection of face and body skin rejuvenation equipment in Indiana. This allows us to select the absolute best skin treatment that will help you reach your specific goals. Additionally, we keep up to date on the the latest laser resurfacing technology to rejuvenate and smooth your skin so it is always available at Phases Skin and Laser Center! A sampling of our procedures include CoolSculpting Non-Surgical Fat Reduction, Laser Genesis, IPL, HALO, Fractional laser skin resurfacing treatments and more! Please click here for a list of our treatments.

ArteFill® is Back in Indiana!

We are proud to announce that Turkle & Associates is one of a select few plastic surgery practices in the U.S. to be chosen to have the first opportunity to once again provide ArteFill to our patients. The ArteFill patent has been purchased by a new company but it is the same great, long-lasting dermal filler.

Please use our contact form for more information about Artefill in Indianapolis and Carmel, or feel free to call the office for more information at 317-848-0001.

Lipotherapy Fat Reduction Now Available at Turkle & Associates

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