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Girls’ Night Out Makeover Participant Begins Work with Trainer

Janet Valasek, a recently turned 50-year-old, was one of the three women chosen by After40 magazine and Turkle & Associates to participate in a rejuvenation opportunity. Janet works at a local law firm, is single and a breast cancer survivor.  Turkle & Associates and Phases Skin Care and Laser Center are providing skin rejuvenation and other services to Janet. Last week she began work with Cindy Sams of Full-Body Fitness, one of our Girls’ Night Out Indy makeover partners. I thought you would enjoy reading Cindy’s and Janet’s blogs from their first sessions. – Dr. Jan Turkle

Janet’s Initial Comments from her Fitness Assessment: Very First Day with FBF/Cindy   

My new trainer is Cindy Sams! The same Cindy (with the ball) that I had seen in the Fishers magazines! She was going to be MY trainer and I was going to be her GNO woman! Judy and staff were determined to pair up the two of us and they got it DONE and I am just so thrilled and grateful!!! 

And not a day too soon apparently!!! On Saturday, I met with Cindy and received my initial assessment! We discussed my present workout routine (non-existent), my eating habits, discussed my goals and performed a physical assessment and yes…the dreaded photos!  Whoa, wake up call!!! 31% body fat, did she just say that?!!! I mean… REALLY???

We talked a great deal about nutrition and my eating habits and I tried to come up with some reasonable explanation for my eating habits, throwing around a few healthy food habits to impress her like ‘I only eat vegetable pizzas’, ‘I don’t eat an entire bag of cookies or chips in a single sitting’, but the end result was that we determined that I am eating what most 4-20-something year olds eat (worse really) and the quantity of that of a ‘M-A-N’!!! LOL!!!  It was a real eye opener for both of us and none of it ‘washed’ with Cindy!!!

Cindy put together a healthy eating program for me on the spot which involved an immediate trip to the grocery store! No ridiculous foods I’ve never heard of, no special trips to Trader Joe’s or Good Earth for organic foods…just plain, simple everyday snacks and grilled foods which I happen to love! Loads of tips for preparing my meals a week ahead on weekends so I have healthy foods to eat throughout the upcoming week! And simply cutting my portions in half, what a novel idea!!! LOL!!!

Cindy then discussed a workout routine that only requires 30 minutes a day; I can do 30 minutes a day in my sleep!!! We determined my fat burning zone which allows me to work out in a decent pace that will not leave me gasping for air and severe lactic acid muscle burn. Just a nice, easy pace that gets my muscles moving and my blood flowing.

Cindy is a ‘really serious’ trainer, all warm, pretty and funny on the outside, but on the inside, this women means business when it comes to fitness which I learned really quickly! We did about 20 minutes of training my first day. Cindy focuses on the fundamentals and the core muscles – short, intensely-focused workouts!

I didn’t go home huffing, puffing and sweating, however that evening, I was feeling it deep in the muscles in places I didn’t realize we had actually worked on!

So I’m totally committed going forward and feel as though I can accomplish my goals with coaching and discipline!

As my friend, Dan from Grand Rapids, Michigan says… BRING IT ON!!! – Janet Valasek

Full-Body Fitness 

Alright! It’s been almost a week since I met with Janet for her fitness assessment. I sent her on her way with two things she needed to start working on right away: 1) 4 days of cardio (In her fat burn zone) for 30 minutes each; and 2) starting eating the way we discussed at her F.A.

As she was warming on my elliptical for 10 minutes (in her zone!) we chatted about these things. Janet had been out of town on business but got some runs in and ate great except for one day (she said). I always like people to tell me what their “not so great eating” days are. They never are as bad as they think! (thankfully!) 🙂 Eating at Ruth’s Chris… well, what can I say?! You can never go wrong there! So a few bites of some shrimp on top of some mashed garlic potatoes… not so bad!

I reminded her that I want the 4 days at 30 min. each in her ZONE and if she wants to “run” do it on the other days. Briefly, doing cardio in a lower heart rate zone burns your body fat as fuel AND helps you GAIN lung capacity.

She’s doing great on the eating. Keep it up girlfriend! First step is to be AWARE of how you WERE doing and how little you really need to “suffer” to lose weight! 😉

I reminded her to keep stretching those muscles… constantly! Especially her hamstrings!

Janet gets in a full 3 days with me next week so I’ll chat back with you then. We’ll also be reweighing her then, but no body fat or circumference measurements until 30 days! So stay tuned!

Love ya! Cindy 🙂 – Cindy Sams

Janet Valasek

The healthy eating has begun and I have not felt like I was starving! Although my evenings are my most difficult time as I get PRETTY hungry after 7 pm but mostly just thoughts of grazing and not real ‘hunger’ which Cindy assures me will get easier as I change my foods and routine!

I had quite a challenge my first week, first a work luncheon with ‘the girls’ and then I had to go out of town. First, I survived the luncheon at Bucca with different food choices than my past routine! Opted for the chicken breast with capers instead of the Lasagna, green beans substitute for the side of linguini, skipped the bread (although Cindy’s says it’s not a requirement to pass up everything) – just moderation!

I got a lot of comments this week like ‘oh go ahead and eat it, you can start on your program tomorrow !’ I had two people tell me that on two different days so I get it that this was part of my on-going problem of always ‘starting tomorrow’ for every special occasion!

Then onto Atlanta, GA for two days of work and two days of visiting with my best friend, Carol Speer-Adamec and her family. Carol threw a little 50th birthday celebration for me with her family, but hallelujah…there was not fattening cheese dips, burgers or birthday cake!

We all ate from a big vegetable platter of healthy foods, fresh fruit, chicken salad (which I declined) and in place of a birthday cake, she made me a watermelon cake which I found out was not cake at all but a small, chilled watermelon with a BIG 50 – no cake, no icing, no ice cream!

And two days of short jogs, long walks outdoors in the sunshine (in my shorts) was just the thing to remind me… summer is like…. four short weeks away!!! Gotta get in shape NOW!!!

I made it through my first week, a few slips but this was the exception to the rule and surprisingly enough, it was not at all painful and I didn’t starve to death as I sure I might! LOL!!! Drama Queen!!!

Cindy coached me at the start of the week that I would have aha moments and missteps and assured me the overall program would more than make up for a few weak moments. This took a lot of the pressure off and gave me the confidence that I could do this!

Starting week two, gotta run to the store and see what I can whip up – Janet Valasek

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