Airport Scanners Show Breast Implants

The full-body scanners at airports all over the U.S. show all kinds of
implanted medical devices including pacemakers and artificial joints. If you
have breast implants, those can be seen as well. However, it is important to
remember that security officers at airports don’t intend to embarrass you.
They are looking for devices that could potentially harm you and other
passengers. You do not have to tell security personnel that you have
implants and the person at the security checkpoint cannot see the images, so
just relax.

Stem Cells and Breast Augmentation

You may have read or heard recently about the use of adult stem cells for breast augmentation. This is a new technique undergoing clinical trials in the U.S., although it has been undergoing testing for some time in Great Britain and Japan. In this procedure, fat cells are taken by liposuction from other areas of the patient’s body, such as the hips, thighs and stomach, processed with a special machine to extract regenerative cells and then inserted into the breasts as a graft.  The fat volume retention is estimated to be 80% or more. Results are not immediate; it takes several months to see the final result. It is predicted that most patients can expect an increase of about one cup size. It was reported that in Japan, women paid $25,000 for this procedure. One clear disadvantage to this procedure is that the breasts will not be firm, if they were soft or sagging before the procedure, they will remain that way.

It will be a number of years before this procedure is FDA-approve in the U.S. Extensive clinical trials need to be performed, especially to overcome safety concerns. We are not sure how the fat grafts might affect the results of mammograms. Even more concerning, we do not yet know if these cells can somehow go awry and become tumor cells. We currently participate with Indiana University in stem cell research by providing fat specimens from patients that have specifically consented for their fat to be removed in surgery to be used to further this area of investigation.  No tissues are submitted for this purpose without the patient’s written consent. This is a very exciting area of research and promises to be helpful in several areas of medicine. – Dr. Jan Turkle

Cohesive Gel Implant Study

Cohesive Gel Implant Study

**This breast implant clinical trial recently completed. Please check back for information future trials**

Turkle & Associates is pleased to announce that Dr. Janet K. Turkle is one of a limited number of surgeons in the United States now enrolling patients interested in the Inamed 410 Cohesive Gel Breast Implants.

The FDA has approved enrollment of additional patients in the study over the next six months. The trials are open to patients seeking a first time augmentation, reconstruction and revision.

Eligibility for these implants, sometimes called “gummy bear” implants, can only be determined after an in-person consultation.

Although cohesive implants have been widely used in Europe since 1994, the FDA requires a large-scale study be conducted in the United States before giving these implants final approval.

Instead of being filled with saline or a liquid silicone gel, the 410 cohesive gel breast implants are filled with a cohesive silicone that is described as a “soft solid”. Therefore, one of the main advantages of the breast implants is that they seem to retain their shape.

Although this is a study, the usual breast augmentation charges apply. All costs, including the services of the surgeon and the cost of the implants, are the responsibility of the patients participating in the study.

Participation in the study will require patients to return for annual follow-up visits for ten years. Patients will be compensated for their time for each visit. Because of the requirement for annual visits, patients must live in the greater Indianapolis area.

Turkle & Associates provides a variety of saline implants for the patient not interested in considering a cohesive gel implant.

If you would like to learn more about our clinical study of Cohesive Gel breast Implants at our Indianapolis practice, please click here to contact Turkle & Associates today.



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