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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

If you are considering rhinoplasty in Indianapolis or Carmel, Dr. Janet Turkle or Dr. Stanley Harper can help. Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job or surgery to reshape the nose, is a common cosmetic procedure that can have profound results on a person’s appearance and self-confidence. Rhinoplasty at our Indianapolis practice can accomplish any number of changes, including size augmentation or reduction, a narrowing of the nostrils, changes in the bridge or tip of the nose, correction of a deviated septum causing breathing problems, or an alteration to the angle of the nose and upper lip. Regardless of the specific purpose, rhinoplasty creates a more contoured and shapely nose. Approximate price for rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty Cost: $5500-$5700

The Rhinoplasty Surgery

The Rhinoplasty surgery begins with the doctors making an incision, either from within the nose or across the columella (the vertical strip separating the nostrils). The nose then is sculpted to the desired shape and size. Finally, the surgeon stitches the incision. Rhinoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis.

After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Following Rhinoplasty, a splint is applied to the nose to maintain the new shape. Patients can experience some swelling and bruising around the eyes and nose, although medication greatly reduces any discomfort you may experience. Stitches are usually removed in five to seven days after Rhinoplasty, and patients can return to work in seven to 10 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

  1. Do Doctor Turkle and Dr. Harper perform non-surgical rhinoplasty?
    Yes, they perform the non-surgical rhinoplasty. This is accomplished by using dermal fillers to provide subtle changes in the shape of the nose.
  2. How much does nose surgery or rhinoplasty cost?
  3. Where is the incision made for nose surgery or rhinoplasty?
    Inside each nostril rim and across the columnella (the narrow strip of tissue the divides the nostrils).
  4. How long would I be off work after nose surgery or rhinoplasty?
    7-10 days
  5. How long before I could exercise or swim after nose surgery or rhinoplasty?
    You can swim in three weeks or when your wounds are completely healed.
    You can start walking immediately.
    You can begin cardio in two weeks.
    No contact sports for several weeks to prevent re-injury.
  6. How many of the nose surgery or rhinoplasty surgeries has Dr. Turkle done?
  7. Will I have black eyes after nose surgery or rhinoplasty?
    It depends on the extent of the repair we do. We will give you pre-op instructions to help reduce bruising.
  8. Will I have packing in my nose after nose surgery or rhinoplasty?
    Not routinely unless there is a lot of work on the septum.
  9. Is there an age limit for rhinoplasty?
    There really is no age limit, however facial development needs to be completed. Dr. Turkle will evaluate you to make that determination.

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